Wurst und Durst hat keinen Slogan,
dafür eine Weltkarte.

Cafe Balaena
Shop 7, Tourist Terminal
Buccaneer Avenue
Urangan QLD 4655
Tel. +61 7 4125 4799

Wurst & Durst meint:
Food / Drinks: 4
Kellner: 5
Ambiente: 6

Everyone wants to see the whales. With reason. They are superb. We made the 4 hour trip to Hervey Bay from Brisbane.

Whale watching is very hungry work. Whichever company you go out on, they will provide you with a complimentary snack - tea, coffee, cake. When you are on the weir, there are a number of cafes to choose from. Other than their names, food selection is boringly similar. Looking around, the most popular choice is fish and chips. Vegetarians have some options in the way of sandwiches, and there is a range of salads from which to chose, and noodle dishes. The plastic cover around the deck prevents the wind, nonetheless there is a fine covering of salt on everything, which sticks to your clothes.

We 'dined at Café Balaena, most wine was around $30/bottle, mini bottles for $6.50 however, but water is complementary. The freshly squeezed orange juice came with a cocktail umbrella. How decorative.

Disappointed that there was no mild curry vegetable soup, salad was my next $9 choice. The salad was layered. Sprouts never quite blend. I am now firmly of the opinion that they should be cut or only used in sandwich creations.
And what is going on with the big chunks of parsely? The days of carrot in salad are over - unless it is coleslaw. As much as variety is welcome, the mix of flavours needs to be balanced. This salad, despite the leaves of rocket was too reminiscent of fancy salad of the 90s.
Despite all the seeming lack of perfection, the salad was fantastic - who can go past fresh ingredients? And, it was not a salad that I would prepare myself - who has time to curl carrot slivers?

Both of my lunch dates ordered whiting, the northern variety being smaller than the one south Australians are used to. This one was too heavily crumbed and too deep fried. And the serving was too large, especially for one lemon wedge. That much fish needs at least 3!

Service was adaptive if lacking in some initiative. Where wait staff have an amazing ability to look past and through you, we were able to get their attention and like most of their other patrons, they were sympathetic to the limited time we had to eat lunch before our boat departed, and ensured we were able to eat before leaving for our water safari.

Atmosphere - you are either about to or have just seen whales, this makes the atmosphere. 100%
Chairs - comfort 50%, practicality for the conditions - 100%
Food - 70%
Price - 80%
Jane 09/2007

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