Wurst und Durst hat keinen Slogan,
dafür eine Weltkarte.

The Bowery Bar
676 Ann Street
Fortitude Valley Qld 4006
Tel. +61 7 3252 0202

Essen: Cocktails

Wurst & Durst meint:
Food / Drinks: 6
Kellner: 5
Ambiente: 4

Possibly the best bar in Brisbane - with awards to prove it. Winner of the Best Bar Team in Australia, Finalist Cocktail Bar of the Year and lots of good press.

The front is a dark door, flanked by windows with permanently drawn curtains. Bowery is the name of a New York street, and the atmosphere designed to be reminiscent of that city during Prohibition. Booth and couch seating. Jazz during the week and DJ's on the weekend. From Rolling Stones to M1A and lots in between.

For the weekend sessions early evening you can see other patrons, even the people you are out with, and you can talk to them. Little by little the lights get dimmer and dimmer as the music gets louder and louder, until you are shouting.

If you know you have trouble choosing, visit their web site before you go, take the quiz to find the right drink. This would be great to have at the bar for those moments of indecision. Top line spirits, freshly pressed juice, old recipes, experienced bartenders who turn glasses into acrobats. No premixes. They are currently on Drinks Menu V. Cocktails are divided into favourites, house specialities, from distant lands, frontier mixes, fancy, temperance. My last drink there was the Mesha (apple vodka & liqueur, lime juice, pineapple juice, raspberries, falurnum syrup). Fanstastic, if too small!

Most cocktails are $15, a couple $16, the standard drinks $10. You can order spirits at many different ages and prices, wine by the bottle or glass, and although not on the menu a selection of beers are available.

I love the drinks at this place - while I miss caipirinha, there is plenty here to make up for my loss. Other than the music being too loud later (but you can dance if you want) this is a classy joint. Alcohol - who can go past it?
Jane 09/2008
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