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The Coffee House
51 William Street
Rockhampton QLD 4700
Tel. +61 7 49275722

Essen: Breakfast

Wurst & Durst meint:
Food / Drinks: 4
Kellner: 4
Ambiente: 4

The Coffee House Apartments seems to enjoy the reputation for providing the best coffee in town, but at $4 per cup it is considered more than it's worth.
The restaurant provides contrast - from one day to the next. My favourite breakfast is eggs florentine. The perfect breakfast would be a bowl of the best hollandaise sauce with a spoon. The breakfasts on offer include hollandaise sauce in a variety of ways - always with eggs, and as preferred: salmon, ham, mushrooms. For those not sharing my love of Ğaiseğ (other than mal-aise) there are omelettes, pancakes, sweet breads (which are bakery products not offal) cereals, muesli, fruit, croissant with ham and Jarlsberg, and the big brekky. Prices range from $6 to $19.

My first breakfast went well, eggs poached softly, mushrooms gently sauteed, toast warmed through and served while I still had coffee. The waitress was confident all was going well, and confirmed that we had everything we needed. The hollandaise was promised to be made with verjuice and had a pleasant tang, suggesting that this was so. The balance was fantastic. If I had a complaint it was that the spinach leaves were too few in number, but given that mushrooms and spinach increased the cost only by $1, I could excuse the spinach omission.

My second breakfast there, on the very next day was a disaster. The coffee was great, when it arrived after 25 minutes - a macchiato, how I like it - long and strong and really only a spoonful of froth, my eating compadre's croissant came out, overcooked, very crisp on the outside, the ham that hung over the edges was shrivelling dry from being overcooked. After a couple of minutes I encouraged him to get started, the eggs, coming out when he was almost finished, were incomparable to the previous day. Overcooked, hard boiled eggs, on overtoasted (crunchy to the point of shredding the roof of my mouth) cold turkish bread, burnt mushrooms, not nearly enough hollandaise to conceal anything, but with fresh green garnish. The spinach was drowned out in the burnt mushroom flavour. If I had had time, I'd have sent it back, but when the waitstaff finally got over their embarrasment about serving up rubbish and looked out way again, I opted for extra concealment - more hollandaise. Had I not known otherwise I'd have sworn it to be totally different places. Water is free, but you do have to request it.

I would recommend the Coffee House Apartments, they obviously have a chef who works there sometimes who can cope with the demands of the kitchen, and takes some pride in their work. Unfortunately I can't tell you what day that is. Good luck.
Jane 09/2008
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