Wurst und Durst hat keinen Slogan,
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Viva Mexico (o semejante)
Avenida Lopez Mateos

Essen: Lobster

Wurst & Durst meint:
Food / Drinks: 5.5
Kellner: 4
Ambiente: 3.5

It was 1999 and I was still a young desperate student in USA. I was for the first time far enough to feel the need to see my relatives. You know, in the end for us Italians the mamma is the mamma.
At that time I was living in NY, writing my thesis. Then, one day, my friend Ciro came, slept for one month on my sofa and made me following him to San Diego for the summer.
Before to go back to NY I told him: "Fuck you Ciro, we are close to fucking Mexico man, let's put our smelly feet in it!" We got only one week, so basically we couldn't see anything cool but we were happy.
I remember two things about Mexico. First: I met Jaquelinne, a Mexican beauty who I still am in love with. Second: That awesome cheesy restaurant on the way to Ensenada where, they told, you could have the first class lobster for a ridiculous amount of money.
Me and Ciro, as we were the John Cage of Indecent Proposal, booked the best table. But while we were sitting I realized that lobster was not the only thing I was waiting for. You know, I am a pretty nervous guy and when I am traveling, I don't really go to the bathroom that often. Obviously, something "knock at the door" when it's not the right time. But, hey, it's like a child, you can't keep it in forever. I left Ciro and I went to the public restroom, which I hate. I stood on my legs and I concentrated. I won't give you the details but believe me, I was kind of proud after. Now I could really enjoy my incoming lobster. I turned and I flushed while trying to close my pants (so difficult with all those buttons). Suddenly I realize that the water doesn't go down. On the contrary it starts coming up bringing a present.
I panic and when I see the water on the edge I run away covering my open pants with the T-shirt. I must have been a good actor since nobody seemed to realize I was scared as hell. I did what usually women do after they sleep out with a stranger. I pretended nothing happened. I had a wonderful dinner with my friend. He just realized I was laughing here and there with no reason and he told me several times I looked retarded. After we paid the check, going toward the stairs I noticed a few waiters still drying the floor, way far from my bathroom. I didn't say nothing but Ciro looked at me with humid eyes and started walking faster. You know when an old friend doesn't have to ask you because he knows already? Exactly!
Nico 06/2005
Italian Version
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-->doch nöd. sorry, trotzdem ufschlussrich informative artikel :-)

neugierig wie immer... -->
woher dä newlsetter? nico? irgend en bezug zu dem nico wo ich meine? dä ´dunnstig iss ich immer änte´ - nico? hehe :)

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